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Brand New Access HomeGlide Extra (formerly Thyssen)

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Why choose the Brand New Access HomeGlide Extra (formerly Thyssen) Stairlift

The HomeGlide Extra for straight staircases is without doubt our most popular straight product. Why? Because our customers love it and our engineers love it too.

The HomeGlide Extra is easy to install, simple to use, is very reliable and can be installed in your house in around a couple of hours. And the best part is, we have brand new stock on the shelves, ready to be installed quickly in your home - what could be easier!

Brand New Access HomeGlide Extra (formerly Thyssen) Features & Benefits

HomeGlide straight stairlifts enable the user to move between all levels of their home safely and in comfort. The HomeGlide stairlift range delivers a solution for all indoor straight staircase requirements and budgets.

The HomeGlide straight stairlifts are fitted onto your staircase and not your wall. This allows the lift to be installed quickly, easily and with minimal disruption to your home.

Brand New Access HomeGlide Extra (formerly Thyssen) Options

Weight Limit: 125kg/19.5 stone

Overall Dimensions:

Width of stair lift when folded up - 380mm

Width of stair lift when unfolded - 632mm

Chair Dimensions:

Seat height - 472mm

Height from floor to top of footrest - 115mm

Width of seat between armrests - 467mm

Depth of seat: 408mm

Fits staircases - 740mm wide

The standard model has a manual swivel seat and manual footrest linkage which folds the footrest when not in use as you fold the seat up. You can also fold back the armrests and seat base.

The HomeGlide Extra has a manual swivel seat with swivel lever on both sides o the chair or an optional powered swivel seat, so you can turn the seat at the top of the stairs and safely get off.

There are charge points at the top and bottom of the rail to park and charge.Remote controls at the top and bottom of stairs to bring it to you whenever you need it. Wipe clean upholstery available. Battery operated, so your lift works even in the event of a power cut.

Safety Edges are on the footplate and carriage, so it will automatically stop if it meets an obstruction on the stairs.

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