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Common Stairlift Questions

We'll help answer some of our most common questions

We speak to customers every day, most of who are looking at stairlifts for the first time in their lives. We've collected some of our most common questions to help you learn more faster.

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Before having a stairlift

Do I need a straight or curved stairlift? +

How much do stairlifts cost? +

How much space does a stairlift take? +

Are reconditioned stairlifts in good condition? +

How is a stairlift operated? +

Surveys & Installation

How long do you take to send out a stairlift surveyor? +

How long does a stairlift installation take? +

How long does a stairlift take to get upstairs? +

Why are curved stairlifts more expensive than straight stairlifts? +

What does installation include and warranty? +

What are the advantages of having a stairlift? +

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